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Good Eats – August

In addition to taking advantage of the cooler swings in the weather to do some baking – banana bread, cake & homemade granola – the Mister has had a little more free time, and we’ve enjoyed a couple of jaunts out for nom noms.

So, here’s what I’m currently enamored with in the Portland food scene:

Korean Frito Pie from Yogio

K-Pop from Yogio

The carts at Killingsworth & Greeley – Second trip to this pod, and they have yet to disappoint. This time, we got there in time to have a Wicked Perfect waffle from Wicked Waffles. Oh my, how appropriately named. Sweet cormeal waffle wrapped around piping hot eggs, crispy bacon, and melty cheddar.

Very difficult to force myself to share with the Mister (and so tempting we just dug in and forgot to take a snapshot to remember it by). Glad I did share, though, because we then split the Korean Frito Pie and K-pop (perfectly fried spiced popcorn chicken with spicy sauce, veg & rice) from Yogio. Wow. Both were very filling and super tasty. Sadly, I believe they have retired the K-pop, but be oh-so-happy that the Frito Pie is sticking around!

Nectarine Marscapone pie from Pyro Pizza

Pyro Pizza – Cartopia Pod – all the Cartopia carts I’ve tried are stellar, but recently I keep going back for Pyro Pizza. The kicker was the weekend they served a Nectarine & Marscapone pizza. Crispy crust is the star, with just enough supporting assistance from wonderfully fresh ingredients. They also make their own sodas, love their zesty Ginger Ale! It might be a good thing we live so far away.

Country Cat – we recently had an epihany when we realized that brunch here, where they seem to make everything from scratch with garden-fresh ingredients and no pretension whatsoever, was CHEAPER than going to the crappy chains out in the suburbs where we live. What?!? What?!? Yeah, that blew our minds. That and the best freakin’ BLT I’ve ever had, hands down. And you must try the Gato Verde.

EatingWell – as you can probably tell, I love me some food. Good food, which mostly translates to fattening food, and I’m trying to get that under control. It’s slow going, because I refuse to deprive myself of what I love (see above, and the pot of Chili Con Carne bubbling on my stove), but EatingWell is there for me. Good, healthy food without artificial this and that (a huge peeve of mine with other weight loss recipes). I have a subscription to the magazine, but the website is my first stop when making a grocery list every week, or when I have a hankering for something that can probably be made a bit healthier (tuna noodle casserole anyone?)

Thanks to the Mister for the food shots in the post!