Welcome Back, French Press

Coffee - now Pretty AND Piping Hot to the last drop.

So, a long, long, time ago, in an unfortunate table clearing incident, our dear French Press got hidden behind the copious amounts of crap kitchen appliances that clutter my countertop. Found a week later, and rather green, I never could get the screen clean enough to stomach brewing coffee in it again. I went to every coffee shop and kitchen store in town. Everyone carries replacement glass inserts, but no screens. Well, I finally broke down and bought one over the interwebs – shipping was almost as much as the screen, but together still less than a new press.

So, to celebrate the French Press’s return to service, this morning we used it to make a pot of Stumptown Coffee, and enjoyed it with broiled figs and crostini spread with marscapone, and I made it a sweater. Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a seed stitch for the base with buttons and crocheted flowers (also Lamb’s Pride, but Worsted Weight). I like the fuzzy halo from the mohair in the yarn. It makes it look old-fashioned, like my pictures, because I am not a quick enough knitter to have finished this while there was still natural light around.


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