Granny Square Sampler

Look!  All the blocks fit perfectly on my coffee table!

I’ve been working on this sampler on and off for a couple years. It’s all granny squares from Jan Eaton’s book – 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match. I am not a fan of the back and forth blocks, but I love the granny squares. After making my brother an afghan, I decided to make a bunch of them into “sampler” so I could see how they looked for future blanket planning. These were all crocheted with some crazy bright scrap acrylic I have lying around from stuffed animal experimenting. I didn’t do every granny block in the book, but they’re the ones I liked the best, and all different.

I’ve started sashing them together, which has proven to be the hardest part! First, my choice of cheapish acrylic yarn (I believe it’s mostly Caron Super Soft and TLC, but all the bands are long gone) has left me with a poor color selection for joining. Black drowned the purple ones completely. White/Cream was… ick. So, I went with grey. The only greys at the craft store looked about the color of sweat shirt material. I was hoping for something in the pewter to charcoal range, but no luck. On the bright side, the sweat shirt grey looks more silvery now that it’s against the colors.

Next challenge is making them all square up. Apparently, I do not have mad gauge skills. They’re all different sizes – some so alarmingly that I actually went back and re-checked the pattern to be sure I didn’t add stitches! Hoping that a run through the wash after it’s all put together will magically only shrink up the too big ones. Ha. In the meantime it’s a lot of counting edge stitches and planning skips when joining them.

More pics when I’m done with the border!


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