So, I promised Craftiness…

When I started the blog, I was mostly “funemployed” (as a friend so aptly named it) and had time on my hands. Hence the big garden, and lots of cheap zucchini.

No one wanted to interview me, probably because my education didn’t quite match what I was doing, and my accounting experience was all in a field that uses proprietary software, and was hurting in a big way due to the economic ick. So, I figured classes to get me up to speed were in order. A Post-Bacc accounting certificate should do it. Signed myself up for a full course load and Murphy waved his wand and I had a full time job again, and full time classes. So, as you can see, crafting has fallen by The Wayside for the moment.

The Wayside, by the way, is my daily commute, which, at an hour to an hour and a half on the train each way offers some pretty good crafting time when I’m not having to finish homework up that I procrastinated on instead. Currently I am crocheting a commissioned red fox, who isn’t looking foxy-enough yet for posting. But, since at Thanksgiving we got to meet the sweet little 7 week old that the earlier promised but not posted craftiness was for, and she now has her Chicken Viking Hat, I can post it here without spoiling any surprises…

This is the fabled chicken viking hat with minor drumstick alteration on my part. I had to increase the length of the drumstick because mine ended up too stubby, and I made up my own crocheted “feet” instead of knitting them. It’s pretty cute on the pumpkin, but WAY cuter on the babe!


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